International Short Film Spotlight

raw Raw – As Much As Possible | Raw

Raw – As Much As Possible | Raw

2016 | 26 min | USA


RAW – As Much as Possible” is a documentary film. An approach to downhill longboard scene in LA. It’s all about life.




Director: Jonga Oliveira

Cast: Patrick Switzer, Camilo Cespedes, Marco Ferreira, Ethan Cochard, Adam Colton, Dustin Hampton, Ari Chamasmany, Kalil Hammouri

Director of Photography: Marco Ferreira

Soundtrack: Momo Souto

Saturday, September 17th @ 5:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

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rose-garden Rose Garden

Rose Garden | Rose Garden

2016 | 15 min | USA


A whole condo has its routine changed after Felix arrived. A smart little kid who knows he is going to die soon, but the way he faces his destiny changes everyone around him.



Director: Rafael Nani

Cast: Evan O’Toole, Roger Argo, Robert Artz, Holgie Forrester, Laura Lenee, Robert Lanza, and John Riddle.

Producer: Rafael Nani

Director of Photography: Mich Castro

Soundtrack: Charlie Sporns


Monday, September 19th @ 8:50pm | Los Angeles Film School

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