International Short Film Competition

food-for-thoughts Food For Thoughts

Food For Thoughts

2016 | 12 min | USA


Much to Hope’s dismay, when her boyfriend dumps her a parade of memories of her exes is triggered by things around her house that are connected to these past relationships. But she will get the last laugh.



Director: Luisa Novo

Cast: Brittany Falardeou, Dan Louis, William Le Caron, Jaime Esteban Sanches, Tyler Gaylord

Producer: Daniela Shaw, Lidia Damatto Moreira, Luisa Novo

Director of Photography: Jordan Scott

Soundtrack: Daniel Hernandez


Monday, September 19th @ 8:50pm | Los Angeles Film School

frame 16 Chocolate

Chocolate | Chocolate

2016 | 15 min | USA


A suburban housewife and mother desperately finds herself homeless living in Skid Row neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. She suddenly remembers her forgotten past. A beautiful story of family and hope.



Director: Thiago Dadalt

Cast: Piercey Dalton, Joao Bounassar, Amy Argyle, Torrey Goldman, Talia Bacha, Justin Andrews, Valentina Letuchaya

Producer: Dru Miller, Andre Chesini, Thiago Dadalt

Director of Photography: Andre Chesini

Soundtrack: Jimmy Hammer


Sunday, September 18th @ 2:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

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Free Way

Free Way | Free Way

2016 | 18 min | USA


Brad & Claudia are a young couple on the run, rebelling against their disenfranchisement of the American Dream. When Brad met Claudia, he was fleeing their small town in a stolen classic car on his way to California. Now, they are in it together and they will do whatever is necessary to live their lives their way…the free way.




Director: Jared Kahn

Cast: Gabriel Sousa, Gabi Lopes, Warren Silveira, Rigg Kennedy

Producer: Damaris Pinheiro

Director of Photography: Jared Kahn

Soundtrack: Lucas de Castro


Sunday, September 18th @ 2:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

match Match

Match | Match

2016 | 7 min | USA


Happy hour. A guy walks into a bistro and starts swiping left and right on a dating app.A girl goes in and sits by a table next to him. They exchange looks,there’s something real between them. She’s on the same app that he is but then…they match on it. From that point on that spark of personal connection that had been built between them is followed by an apathy that stems from the mutual judgment they pass on each other when she checks his profile and he checks hers.



Director: Diana Chao

Cast: Domingos Antonio, Laura Alemán, Pedro Flores, Kat Solko, Honey Evelin and Valeria Guimarães

Producer: Domingos Antonio and Lucas Paz

Director of Photography: Julian Amaru Estrada

Soundtrack: Guilherme Picolo


Sunday, September 18th @ 2:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

the-dress The Dress

The Dress | The Dress

2015 | 15 min | USA


Orlando and his oldest daughter, Mary, talk about what kind of dress his wife would like to receive as a present. Mary says he doesn’t need to buy a present. Lilian, the youngest daughter comes into the room and gets totally mad  about the subject. She checks out the mothers wardrobe and treat Orlando in a very aggressive manner. Mary defends her dad and they havea huge fight . Orlando puts the fight to an end and leaves. Orlando enters a women clothing store and a young lady, Christine, comes talk to him. He asks her to see some dresses options. She asks questions about who is the dress for. The old man starts describing his wife lovely. After some options, he decides himself by one of the models. At home the two daughters talk about the discussion they had before and receive a call telling something happened.



Director: Raphael Bittencourt

Cast: David Westberg, Marilia Colturato, Teresa Tracy, Elena Marshall

Producer: Raphael Bittencourt

Director of Photography: Martin Lasa

Soundtrack: Marco Duboc


Sunday, September 18th @ 2:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

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milvio Milvio

Milvio | Milvio

2016 | 13 min | USA


Milvio is an outgoing kid who enlists the help of a robot to attend school in his place while he remains confined his his bedroom due to a serious illness.




Director: Thales Correa

Cast: Reid Miller, Isabella Bazler, Tommy Spaulding, Carrie Gibson, Aaron Ryan

Producer: Sunny Vachher

Director of Photography: Tobias Deml

Soundtrack: David Bawiec


Sunday, September 18th @ 2:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

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red-souls Red Souls

Red Souls | Red Souls

2015 | 10 min | USA


Sara is a Brazilian dancer who works really hard to pay her bills and take care of her son. One day, she and her co-worker, Jessica, receive a proposal of what seemed to be the end of their financial problems: work as professional dancers in the USA. As soon as they arrive, they find themselves held against their will and forced into prostitution and sexual slavery.



Director: Aditya J. Patwardhan

Cast: Valeria Silva, Paula Soveral, Marinah Moser, Alberto Danuzio, William Austin, Javon Terrell, Gael Carrion, Honey Evelyn, Thais Xabu, Gabriella Pretto, Silmara Volpi and Dan Gura

Producer: Paula Soveral, Valeria Silva and Nick Cunha

Director of Photography: Dimitris Tranos

Soundtrack: Paulo Soveral and Marconi de Morais


Monday, September 19th @ 8:50pm | Los Angeles Film School

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batman Batman: Personal Issues

Batman: Personal Issues | Batman: Personal Issues

2015 | 12 min | USA


Commissioner Jim Gordon goes over his marriage issues making Batman really uncomfortable and forcing him to reveal his own dark secrets.



Director: Gerson Sanginitto

Cast: Andre Mattos, Christopher Showerman

Producer: Kevin O’brien & Adriana Saboya

Director of Photography: Carina Sanginitto & Kevin O’Brien

Soundtrack: Bill Georges


Monday, September 19th @ 8:50pm | Los Angeles Film School

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underwater Under Water: Dive Deep | Debaixo D’água: Mergulhe Fundo

Under Water: Dive Deep | Debaixo D’água: Mergulhe Fundo

2015 | 17 min | USA


Sii is a middle aged woman whose son died tragically at sea. She is lost, miserable and does not know how to cope with her lonely life. Embarking on a journey of self discovery and wonder, Sii comes back to where it all happened. In an unexpected turn, she meets picturesque and eye-opening characters. Sii begins to realize she can slowly recover from her tragic loss and move forward with her life. Drown or Sail? The surreal and colorful characters she meets will help her pave her way in what we aim to shape as a visually stunning and thought provoking film.




Director: Lucas Paz

Cast: Arden Kelly, Pepe Serna, Paulina Güitrón, Jacob Gibson, David Capita, Lilliana Luxe, Sunkee Angel, Rene Goff, Jesse Louis Sink

Director of Photography: Marco Ferreira

Soundtrack: Angelo Metz


Monday, September 19th @ 5:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

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