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looking-at-the-stars Looking At The Stars | Olhando Pras Estrelas

Looking At The Stars | Olhando Pras Estrelas

2016 | 89 min | USA


Looking at the Stars is an intimate glimpse into the lives of the extraordinary ballerinas at the world’s only ballet school for the blind—the Fernanda Bianchini Ballet Association for the Blind.
The stories of these dancers go beyond the challenge of learning to dance without a visual reference. Like many of us, these women want to be good professionals, partners, friends. They want to be relevant and self-sufficient. They work fiercely to become the best versions of themselves.



Director: Alexandre Peralta

Cast: Geyza Pereira, Fernanda Bianchini Saad, Thalia Macedo, Sandra Macedo, Cesar Albuquerque

Executive Producer: Camilla Belle, Mark Harris, Sabrina Chammas

Producer: Alejandro Ernesto Martinez B., Alexandre Peralta, Melissa Rebelo Kerezsi, Corina Maritescu, Thais Peralta

Director of Photography: Guan Xi, Alejandro Ernesto Martinez B.

Soundtrack: Alexis & Sam

Saturday, September 17th @ 3:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

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