International Feature Film Competition

tabuas Made of Steel | Tábuas Com História

Made of Steel | Tábuas Com História

2015 | 100 min | Portugal


Maria Duarte, actress and drama teacher in Porto is to be submitted to a second operation. She then tries to solve her problems by embracing an inner journey into her family’s native land, in Tabuaço, near the Douro river and its vineyards.
There, she meets Matias, a Brazilian dentist and director of the local group of amateur theater, the Masks of Steel, the toast of the town to her delight. Conducted by Dr Matias their aim is to recover the old theater building – once the jewel in the crown of Tabuaço.
Out of the blue, the theater turns out to become a probable source of income for the local City Hall and everything is settled to sold it in the name of irretrievable progress.
Facing uncertainty, together with the local community, Dr Matias, the Masks of Steel and Maria will try to reverse this tragic fate by assembling all the resources within their reach.
This moving story intends to show the beauty of the Douro river and its surroundings, with the added value of their people, proud of their traditions and cultural heritage.




Director: Marcantonio Del Carlo

Cast: Marta Nunes, Beto Coville, Nucha Martins, Bruno Silva, Diaquino Soares, Filomena Resende, Liliana Cardoso, Rui Araújo, Cláudia Martins, Maria José Carvalho, Carolina Silva, Mariana Silva, Leandro Gonçalves, Marlene Rodrigues and Paula Baltazar

Director of Photography: Miguel Mendes de Carvalho

Soundtrack: André do Audio

Saturday, September 17th @ 7:15pm | Los Angeles Film School

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maverick_cacada_no_brasil Maverick: Manhunt Brazil | Maverick: Caçada no Brasil

Maverick: Manhunt Brazil | Maverick: Caçada no Brasil

2016 | 98 min | USA


Mysterious mercenary Jack Maverick arrives in the small town of Passo Fundo, Brazil, after accepting a lucrative contract to investigate a series of suicides. As Jack mingles with the locals, his investigation takes him to a bar, where singer Natasha, pill popper Olivia and drug dealer Zonta might prove to be the key to unraveling the mystery. During his investigation, Jack realizes that the suicides have a dangerous new drug in common, and finds out that an international drug dealing cartel has been pulling the strings all along. Now, Jack is the hunter and the prey in a dangerous game that might cost his life and also the lives of some of the locals he recently met – will Jack survive the city of Passo Fundo, or die trying to crack this conspiracy?



Director: Emiliano Ruschel

Cast: Emiliano Ruschel, Larissa Vereza, Pietra Gasparin, Michele Birkheuer, Márcio Kieling, Carlos Takeshi

Producer: Emiliano Ruschel, Claudia Gasparin, Lourenço Gasparin

Director of Photography: Ricardo Rheingantz

Soundtrack: Skyko Tavis


Sunday, September 18th @ 9:30pm | Los Angeles Film School

verses-at-work Verses At Work

Verses At Work | Verses At Work

2016 | 80 min | USA


A Rapper (Malik) of New York decides to tell his story of passion, struggle and fight to became a artist at the Big Apple.



Director: Lucas Mendes

Cast: Malik Work, Marcio Rosario, Broderick Merritt Ballantyne, David Rieth, Toya Lillard and Sandro Pedroso

Producer: Lucas Mendes, Francisco das Chagas and Marcio Rosario

Director of Photography: Gregg Thompson

Soundtrack: Malik Work, Ezra Lowerey


Sunday, September 18th @ 5:40pm | Los Angeles Film School

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