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opening Gloria and Grace

Gloria and Grace | A Gloria e a Graça

2016 | 94 min | Brazil


Graça is a single mother who works as a massage therapist and lives with her two children: Moreno, 8, and Papoula, 15. One day, in a visit to the doctor, Graça is diagnosed with a brain aneurism that may rupture at any moment. Desperate about who will take care of her kids in the event of her death, she decides to go after her brother, Luiz Carlos, whom she hasn’t seen in over 15 years due to a quarrel. When they meet, however, Luiz Carlos has become Gloria, a beautiful and successful transvestite, who now owns a restaurant and brags about being independent. At first, Gloria is unwilling to reconnect with her family; but as she becomes more guilt-stricken, she accepts Graça’s invitation to meet her nephews and eventually realizes that maybe, to be complete, she needs to become a mother.

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Director: Flávio Ramos Tambellini

Cast: Carolina Ferraz, Sandra Corveloni, Sofia Marques, Vicente Demori

Producers: Flávio Ramos Tambellini, Alexandre Coutinho & Carolina Ferraz

Director of Photography: Gustavo Hadba

Soundtrack: Pedro Tambellini

Sunday, November 5th | 8pm @ Harmony Gold Theater

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Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling | O Amor no Divã

2016 | 88 min | Brazil


An experienced couples therapist realizes she might need help with her own marriage after meeting a new pair of young clients.


Director: Alexandre Reinecke

Cast: Zezé Polessa, Daniel Dantas, Paulo Vilhena and Fernanda Paes Leme

Producer: Fernando Alonso and Nelson Botter Jr

Director of Photography: Jacob Solitrenick

Soundtrack: Zeca Baleiro, Sergio Fouad and Otavio de Moraes

Monday, November 6th | 4:50pm @ Regent Theater

TEU MUNDO FOTO 02 Your World Isn’t For My Eyes

Your World Isn’t For My Eyes | Teu mundo não cabe nos meus olhos

2016 | 95 min | Brazil


Vitorio, blind since the age of 4, has developed an incredible ability to be independent.
In this simple world, life follows its normal and happy course until it is discovered that Vitorio has the chance to see. From that moment on, a new world, a life changing decision, the change…is it worth it?


Director: Paulo Nascimento

Cast: Edson Celulari, Soledad Villamil, Leonardo Machado, Giovanna Echeverria

Producer: Edson Celulari and Paulo Nascimento

Director of Photography: Roberto Laguna

Soundtrack: Silvio Marques

Monday, November 6th | 7:00pm @ Regent Theater

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Captura_de_Tela_2016-12-15_as_18.33.07 180 Degrees

180 Degrees | 180 Graus

2016 | 101 min | Brazil


Six teenagers go through life-changing events while keep a very strong friendship with each other as they see their world turn upside down.


Director: Phil Rocha

Cast: Bárbara Martins, Djulia Marc, Jocasta Germano, Tiago Vianna

Producer: Phil Rocha

Tuesday, November 7th | 2pm @ Regent Theater

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A Crime in Rio

A Crime in Rio | O Crime da Gávea

2017 | 78 min | Brazil


In a captivating story full of plot-twists, a husband investigates the mysterious murder of his wife at the same time as the police. In the famous carioca neighborhood of Gavea, real characters and situations mix with the husband’s hallucinations of the murderers.


Director: André Warwar

Cast: Simone Spoladore, Ricardo Duque, Celso Taddei and Aline Fanju

Producer: Marcílio Moraes

Soundtrack: Fabiano Krieger, Lucas Marcier and Pedro Sodré

Tuesday, November 7th | 7:15pm @ Regent Theater


Wildcard | Canastra Suja

2016 | 120 min | Brazil


Every family has a damn bastard.


Director: Caio Soh

Cast: Adriana Esteves, Marco Ricca, Bianca Bin, Pedro Nercessian e Cacá Ottoni

Producer: Caio Soh, Samantha Capdeville

Tuesday, November 7th | 9:15pm @ Regent Theater

The Fates

The Fates | The Fates

2015 | 70 min | USA


An American girl travels to Brasil and falls in love with a drug dealer from the favelas.


Director: Wagner Depintor

Cast: Iyin Landre, Douglas Rosa, Babu Santana, Douglas Silva

Producer: Iyin Landre, Marcela Casarin, Douglas Rosa

Director of Photography: Gabriel Rinaldi

Soundtrack: Jed Smith

Wednesday, November 8th | 2pm @ Regent Theater

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The Other End

The Other End | Fala Comigo

2017 | 92 min | Brazil


A 17 year old boy who like to call strange women and masturbate. A 43 year old woman who was just left by her husband. One day, he calls her.


Director: Felipe Sholl

Cast: Denise Fraga, Karine Teles, Tom Karabachian and Emilio de Mello

Producer: Daniel van Hoogstraten

Director of Photography: Leo Bittencourt

Wednesday, November 8th | 3:50pm @ Regent Theater

Foto filme leticia The Necklace

The Necklace | O Colar de Coralina

2017 | 78 min | Brazil


A children’s film, inspired by the poem “willow plate” where the poet Cora Coralina, chronicles the cruel custom of the time to punish children who broke a dish tying pieces of “precious blessed” in their little necks. The story is set in the nineteenth century very end in the city of Goiás Velho, the former capital of the State of Goiás, in several episodes in childhood poet, narrated in a playful, dramatic and engaging way, as his poetry, able to approach one side of this Brazil deep and universal.


Director: Reginaldo Gontijo

Cast: Letícia Sabatella, Rebeca Vasconcelos, Maria Coeli, Nadja Dulci

Director of Photography: Dizo Dal Moro

Soundtrack: Carine Correia and João Ferreira

Wednesday, November 8th | 6pm @ Regent Theater

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