ZELIA-CATALOGUE PHOTO Zélia. Memories of Love.

Zélia. Memories of Love. | Zélia. Memórias de Amor

2017 | 64 min | Brazil


The documentary is an intimate portrait of the brazilian photographer and memoirist Zélia Gattai and the beautiful love story she experienced during 56 years with her husband, the internationally famous writer Jorge Amado, based on Zélia’s books of memoir, the collection of over 20 thousand photographs and interviews. A poetic experimentation with the relationship between cinema and memory.


Director: Carla Laudari

Cast: Zélia Gattai, Jorge Amado, Cecília Amado

Producer: Carla Laudari

Monday, November 6th | 3:10pm @ Regent Theater

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NMS_Foto3 Not Even in Wildest Dream

Not Even in Wildest Dream | Nunca me sonharam

2017 | 84 min | Brazil


The challenges of the present, expectations for the future, and the dreams of those who experience the reality of public high school in Brazil. Through the voices of students, principals, teachers and experts, “Not Even In a Wildest Dream” offers a reflection on the value of education.


Director: Cacau Rhoden

Producer: Estela Renner, Marcos Nisti, Luana Lobo

Director of Photography: Janice D´Avila, Carlos Firmino

Soundtrack: Conrado Goys

Monday, November 6th | 9:15pm @ Regent Theater

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surfista na pedra do arpoador Arpoador Beach and Democracy

Arpoador Beach and Democracy | Arpoador praia e democracia

2016 | 88 min | Brazil


The film shows how and when did this frequency the beach. The concept of beach as a public space is relatively recent. The beach in Rio de Janeiro – one of the main symbols of the city was abandoned for centuries because our Portuguese colonizers were not in the habit of frequenting the beaches.The film is based on studies of the anthropologist Roberto DaMatta on the beach as a democratic space and highlights the importance of the place for the lifestyle of the carioca. In the film, the beach is seen as part of the imaginary of the Carioca culture and the Brazilian cultural universe itself. Among those interviewed are Roberto DaMatta himself, singer and actor Evandro Mesquita, historian Milton Teixeira and surfer Rico de Souza


Director: Hamsa Wood and Helio Pitanga

Cast: Roberto DaMatta, Evandro Mesquita, Ana Maria Magalhães, Milton Teixeira and Rico de Souza

Producer: Helio Pitanga

Director of Photography: Locca Faria

Soundtrack: Armênio Graça and Fernando Inglês

Tuesday, November 7th | 3:50pm @ Regent Theater



2016 | 113min | Brazil


Pitanga investigates the aesthetical, political and existential journey of the actor Antonio Pitanga that, directed by iconic filmmakers – such as Glauber Rocha, Cacá Diegues and Walter Lima Jr. – was highlighted at the time of the worldwide acknowledged Brazilian 1960’s movement Cinema Novo.
Performing in more than 60 films, Pitanga intervened in the reality of an effervescent world, when man replaced himself in society with an active and pollitically engaged attitude.
This is the artist, Pitanga intends to honor. The importance of his testimony is given in the construction of this man’s architecture in deep dialogue with his time.


Director: Beto Brant and Camila Pitanga

Cast: Daiane Sales dos Santos, Clarimundo José dos Santos, Andreia dos Santos, Adriano dos Santos Lustosa

Producer: Beto Brant and Renato Ciasca

Director of Photography: Leleco Maestrelli

Wednesday, November 8th | 8pm @ Regent Theater