dionisio The Case of Dionisio Dias | O Caso Dionisio Dias

The Case of Dionisio Dias | O Caso Dionisio Dias

2016 | 50 min | Brazil and Uruguay


“The Dionysus Diaz Case” is a 50-minute documentary that tells the true story of the eponymous boy nine years in 1929 in the city of Treinta y Three (Uruguay), after watching the slaughter of his family promoted by his maternal grandfather and be wounded in the belly, he carried in his arms to his sister fifteen months walking 8 km and then died after leavin the baby saved in safe hands.



Director: Chico Amorim and Fabiana Karla

Producer: Fabiana Karla

Director of Photography: Baldemar Campos

Soundtrack: JC Salvatierra

Monday, September 19th @ 5:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

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imperial I am Carlos Imperial | Eu sou Carlos Imperial

I am Carlos Imperial | Eu sou Carlos Imperial

2015 | 88 min | Brazil


A legendary person in the Brazilian culture, Carlos Imperial has discovered many artists and singer liga Roberto Carlos, Tim Maia, Wlison Simonal, Erasmo Carlos and Elis Regina. Songwirter of classical brazilian songs. Still has many sucess in TV shows, plays, movies and politics. As wiseman, liar and mano f many women, Imperial likes to create false statements to promete his movies and conquer the news, like Orson Welles in his radio transmission about War of Worlds. This documentary embraces the spirit of Imperial as describes his life, work and friendships.



Director: Ricardo Calil and Renato Terra

Producer: Alexandre Rocha and Marcelo Pedrazzi

Director of Photography: Jacques Cheuiche


Tuesday, September 20th @ 4:00pm | Los Angeles Film School