Closing Night Premiere

deserto Desert | Deserto

Desert | Deserto

2016 | 100 min | Brazil


An group of circus artists travel the backwoods Brazilian early last century. When they find an abandoned city with a fountain gushing clean water, the group decides to leave the wandering life and sculpt what they consider a normal life. To build a new city, the artists write in papers functions they consider fundamental. Their characters in this new journey showing the fragility of moral values, time, old age, loneliness and exile.



Director: Guilherme Weber

Cast: Lima Duarte, Cida Moreira, Everaldo Pontes, Magali Biff, Fernando Teixeira, Pietra Pan, Marcio Rosario, Claudinho Castro

Producer: Vania Catani

Director of Photography: Rui Poças

Soundtrack: Luiz A. Ferreira, Rodrigo de Barros Homem Del Rei



Tuesday, September 20th @ 6:00pm | Los Angeles Film School