Brazilian Short Films

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-12 a las 10.37.22 SELF


2017 | 13 min | Brazil


SELF is a short film entirely recorded in a smartphone. It is an experimental research by the writer and director Duda de Almeida and the actress Bia Borinn. About the story: A Brazilian actress goes to NYC to pursue her dreams while waiting for her boyfriend that stayed in Brazil. They only speak trough video messages.


Director: Duda de Almeida

Cast: Bia Borinn, Camila Dougall

Producer: Bia Borinn and Duda de Almeida

Director of Photography: Duda de Almeida

Soundtrack: Erich Eichner

Monday, November 6th | 3:10pm @ Regent Theater

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frame_02 Ruanita


2017 | 13 min | Brazil


Two drug dealers have the hard mission of killing a Paraguayan cat to remove one kilogram of cocaine from inside her stomach.


Director: Fernando Sanches

Cast: Luciana Vendramini, Victor Ribeiro, Ricardo Gelli, Laura Vicente

Producer: Fernando Sanches and Ynara Sanches

Director of Photography: Lucas Andrés Barreto

Soundtrack: Paulinho Corcioni and Drika Lima

Monday, November 6th | 4:50pm @ Regent Theater

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CARTAZ ESCOLHAS BRASIL 17.11.2017 (1) Choices

Choices | Escolhas

2017 | 15 min | Brazil


In the 1940s, shocking secrets are revealed and transform the lives of a mother and her daughter.


Director: Ivann Willig

Producers: Ivann Willig & Janine Bastos

Director of Photography: Kennel Rógis

Soundtrack: Ricardo Severo

Monday, November 6th | 7:00pm @ Regent Theater

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Still_02 The Dress of Myriam

The Dress of Myriam | O Vestido de Myriam

2017 | 15 min | Brazil


Divaldo and Myriam share the solitude in a quiet house in the rural countryside of the state of Rio de Janeiro. After Myriam’s death, Divaldo buries her in the backyard and expresses mourning in a peculiar way.


Director: Lucas H. Rossi

Cast: Tonico Pereira and Camilla Amado

Producer: Thiago Oliveira and Ricardo Estevam

Director of Photography: Marcelo Martins Santiago

Soundtrack: Beto Lemos

Monday, November 6th | 9:15pm @ Regent Theater

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Lunatique_1 Lunatique


2016 | 15 min | Brazil


Lunatique is a sci-fi shortfilm about a lonely woman who fights daily for survival in a post apocalyptic world.


Director: Gabriel Kalim Mucci

Cast: Lila Guimarães, Rony Kore, Paulo Geraissate, Diogo Magal

Producer: Paulo Geraissate

Tuesday, November 7th | 3:50pm @ Regent Theater

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Hoje Jesus Nao Vem (1) Jesus Is Not Coming Today

Jesus Is Not Coming Today | Hoje Jesus Não Vem

2016 | 19 min |Brazil


Three stories about children and teenagers, in Brazil, and different kind of ways of violations in their rights.


Director: Müller Barone

Cast: Andréa Walter, Caroline Roehrig, Marianni Maccarini, Surian Barone

Producer: Juliana Caimi and Valquíria Jablinski

Tuesday, November 7th | 5:50pm @ Regent Theater

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THE GOOD FIGHT 2 jpeg The Good Fight

The Good Fight | A Vida é uma Luta

2017 | 16 min | Brazil/USA/UK


Alan Duarte has lost nine close family members to gun violence in his favela community in Rio de Janeiro. Now, through his boxing project, he’s fighting to build a better future for his son and his community.


Director: Ben Holman

Cast: Alan Duarte

Producer: Ben Holman

Director of Photography: Neirin Jones

Tuesday, November 7th | 7:15pm @ Regent Theater

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Carolina Repetto e Jayme Periard Filme On Guard On Guard

On Guard | Estado de Alerta

2017 | 14 min | Brazil


Rio, Brazil, as known as ‘’The Big and Wonderful City’’. ‘’On Guard – Estado de Alerta’’ is 14 minutes long.
With scenes shot in the year 2000, inspired by a crime that happened 20 years before, with a final sequence – with the very same actors – filmed 17 years later (2017). Today. Now. Total: 37 years of history. History that is born terrified, dived into more violence. Violence that seems infinite.
Our history captures blatantly what exists of reality and of illusion in the violence of this city. We start with the observation of the state of panic – state that borders neurosis, the panic syndrome itself – that settles in the media and the inhabitants, to reach our protagonist, an artist with sensitivity on edge.
Emanuel Trindade, a plastic artist who’s in love with women and the sea, suffers successive shocks, detonated by the violence that surrounds him. Violence that takes hold of him to the point of leading the artist to commit a crime.


Director: Andre Mattos

Cast: Jayme Periard, Dira Paes, Carolina Repetto

Producer: Andre Mattos

Director of Photography: Luis Carlos Saldanha

Soundtrack: Ary Sperling

Tuesday, November 7th | 9:15pm @ Regent Theater

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3tdm_giovanni_araujo Three Kinds of Fear

Three Kinds of Fear | Três Tipos de Medo

2016 | 20 min | Brazil


After the arrest of a drug dealer, three people face their fears in one of the most violent cities in Brazil.


Director: Bruno Bini

Cast: Jonathan Haagensen, Giovanni Araújo

Producer: Bruno Bini

Wednesday, November 8th | 3:50pm @ Regent Theater

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Doctor of Monster

Doctor of Monster | Médico de Monstro

2017 | 11 min | Brazil


Dudu has already chosen his future profession, now will have to face his fears to become a doctor of monsters.


Director: Gustavo Teixeira

Cast: Marcelo Oliveira, Giovanna Leirião, Nábia Villela, Marielle Cecconello

Producer: Daniel Mascarenhas

Director of Photography: Alice Andrade Drummond

Soundtrack: Rafael Prego, Ariel Padula

Wednesday, November 8th | 6pm @ Regent Theater

Foto HRC_Cadu Favero The Man From the Swim Lane Aside

The Man From the Swim Lane Aside | O Homem da Raia do Canto

2016 | 15 min | Brazil


A man in his chaotic world in search of love. When signing up for a swimming class, he finds love or at least the possibility of that. The movie discusses about encounters that happen in the daily life.


Director: Cibele Santa Cruz

Cast: Cadu Fávero, Georgiana Góes, Elisa Pinheiro, Lucas Cotrim

Producer: Chaiana Furtado, Paula Horta, Cibele Santa Cruz

Director of Photography: Felipe Reinheimer

Soundtrack: Plínio Profeta

Wednesday, November 8th | 8pm @ Regent Theater

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