Brazilian Short Film Spotlight

historia-deles Their Story | A História Deles

Their Story | A História Deles

2015 | 15 min | Brazil


In a place near here, they met. They could be your neighbors or two people you’ve crossed the supermarket. But they were. It is cleare that this is not story whit a happy ending. Even sad. Is just a story, their story.




Director: D. Sganzerla

Cast: Carolina Taulois, Hugo Grativol, Mitzi Evelyn, Nando Rodrigues, Well Aguiar

Producer: Carolina Taulois and Mitzi Evelyn

Director of Photography: Samuel Rocha

Soundtrack: Rodrigo Gama


Sunday, September 18th @ 7:15pm | Los Angeles Film School

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702 702

702 | 702

2016 | 24 min | Brazil


A woman is robbed and taken as hostage by two petty thieves with ambitious plans. She ends up embarking on a surprising, and vindictive, journey with both of them.



Director: Rodrigo Lages

Cast: Bela Carrijo, Raphael Logam, Iano Salomão, João Velho and Clara Choveaux

Producer: Marcos Horacio Azevedo, Tiago Hildebrandt

Director of Photography: Rodrigo Graciosa

Soundtrack: Mobygratis


Monday, September 19th @ 6:30pm | Los Angeles Film School

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Fonte Nova Fount | Fonte Nova

Fount | Fonte Nova

2016 | 15 min | Brazil


Anguish and affection are mixed in the ratio of a young man in distress with his ailing grandfather. Among them, the passion that always kept them together.



Director: Matheus Vianna

Cast: Talis Castro and Geraldo Portela

Producer: Sheila Gomes and Marcello Gurgel

Director of Photography: Lázaro Santana

Soundtrack: Bob Bastos


Tuesday, September 20th @ 4:00pm | Los Angeles Film School