Brazilian Short Film Competition

beth To Save Beth | Para Salvar Beth

To Save Beth | Para Salvar Beth

2016 | 19 min | Brazil


A man’s life is modified as he is hired to take a little female dog for treatment sessions at a vet clinic. This unexpected situation will interfere in his own marriage and in the way he perceives the world.




Director: Theodoro Cochrane and Alan Medina

Cast: Emerson Rossini, Clarissa Kiste, Cibele Bissoli, Marília Gabriela, Antônio Fagundes

Producer: Theodoro Cochrane and Alan Medina

Director of Photography: Azul Serra

Soundtrack: Boss in Drama

Saturday, September 17th @ 9:30pm | Los Angeles Film School

pulso Pulse | Pulso

Pulse | Pulso

2016 | 15 min | Brazil


In a couple of years Walte has been living lost in his own. Always guided for aggressive and impulsive attitudes in a sequence of ups and downs within a universe where the right choice is relative. Among his possibilities he believes to have an ingenious idea that might change the course of his life.




Director: Dani Suzuki

Cast: Joaquim Lopes, Mari Molina, Pedro Pupak, Chico Melo, Ana Paula Black, Junior Prata

Producer: Felipe Flores and Lupa Mendes

Director of Photography: João Pádua

Soundtrack: Maria Gadu and Aureo Gandur

Saturday, September 17th @ 7:15pm | Los Angeles Film School

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sophia Sophie | Sophia

Sophie | Sophia

2013 | 15 min | Brazil


Seeking a better understanding of Sophia‘s world, Joana, a devoted mother, encounters beautiful sensory experiences in her way. This is a plain love story surrounded by sound and visual poetry .



Director: Kennel Rógis

Cast: Isabelly Domingos, Joana Marques

Producer: Kennel Rógis, Rebeca Zavaski

Director of Photography: Breno César

Soundtrack: Marcelo Camelo


Saturday, September 17th @ 3:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

noia Noia – A day at the limit | Noia – Um dia no limite

Noia – A day at the limit | Noia – Um dia no limite

2015 | 15 min | Brazil


Based on true events, Noia – A day at the limit it shows the desperation of a drug user to get a little more than she believes is his only way to survive in a world increasingly indifferent to the pain of human existence. In this short film is portrayed the life of Renata, drugged character and aimlessly, which reached the bottom of the pit disillusioned about the future.



Director: Elder Fraga

Cast: Patrícia Vilela, Alexandre Barros, Ângela Barros, Fransérgio Araújo

Producer: Maristela Bueno

Director of Photography: Dino Poli


Sunday, September 18th @ 9:30pm | Los Angeles Film School

reverso Reverse | Reverso

Reverse | Reverso

2016 | 20 min | Brazil


Shown by two different points of view, Reverse tells the story of Clara and Oliver. Sensitive, obsessive and paranoid, she believes she is being cheated by her husband and tries to expose his infidelity by arming it with another woman. Secure, confident and calm, he tries to show to Clara that nothing is happening. The problem is when the game turns, and shows a point of view that no one has seen before, modifying Clara’s plans and her husband’s balance.




Director: Aleksander Nascimento

Cast: Carla Elgert, Cristiano Garcia, Kênia Souza, Adriano Ramos, Rafael Schallenberger

Producer: Kênia Souza

Director of Photography: Arthur Ribeiro

Soundtrack: Yoko Musik Arsenal


Sunday, September 18th @ 5:40pm | Los Angeles Film School

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jun-matsui Jun Matsui

Jun Matsui | Jun Matsui

2015 | 18 min | Brazil


A short film documenting the legacy of one of Brazil’s most prestigious tattooists and his influence within underground subcultures.




Director: Andre Ferezini

Cast: Jun Matsui

Director of Photography: Rodrigo Toledo, Chris Melo, Ching C. Wang

Soundtrack: Antfood


Sunday, September 18th @ 3:30pm | Los Angeles Film School

leo-e-carol Léo & Carol

Leo & Carol | Léo & Carol

2015 | 15 min | Brazil


Leo and Carol are about to get married. He is a public officer, a stand up comedian and, according to his driver’s license “vertically challenged”. She is a young pedagogue, 5’5” tall.
What does it take in real life to build a fairy tale love?



Director: Alvaro Campos and Dafne Capella

Producer: Silvia Sobral

Director of Photography: Rony Maltaz


Monday, September 19th @ 10:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

la do alto From High Above | Lá do Alto

From High Above | Lá do Alto

2015 | 8 min | Brazil


How to relieve the silent pain of a child that misses a deceased grandmother? Through childhood’s ludic universe and with singular, priviledged sights of Rio de Janeiro’s landscapes, seen from the top of Vidigal favela, the film will tell the story of a young dreamer trying to convince his father to let him reach the summit of a rock mountain, which he believes to be close to Heaven, so he can communicate with his grand-mother, who he misses deeply.



Director: Luciano Vidigal

Cast: Tawan Lucas, Sandro Mattos, André Luiz Venancio

Producer: Cavi Borges

Director of Photography: Arthur Sherman

Soundtrack: Fernando Aranha


Tuesday, September 20th @ 6:00pm | Los Angeles Film School