Brazilian Feature Film Spotlight

mar-inquieto Resteless Sea | Mar Inquieto

Resteless Sea | Mar Inquieto

2013 | 90 min | Brazil


Anita is in a life without purpose and seeks her salvation in Vitorino, her husband. But besides the Anita’s past ghosts, Vitorino shown violent and, in a fight, Anita ends up killing him. So, the problems increase, because now Vitorino’s cronies are behind a money only Anita knows where it is.




Director: Fernando Mantelli

Cast: Rita Guedes, Eri Johnson, Miguel Lunardi, Áurea Baptista, Marcos Contreras, Daniel Bastreghi

Producer: Rita Guedes, Fernando Mantelli

Director of Photography: Juliano Lopes

Soundtrack: Flu and Luciano Granja

Saturday, September 17th @ 5:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

a-esperanca-e-a-ultima-que-morre Hope Dies Last | A Esperança é a Última Que Morre

Hope Dies Last | A Esperança é a Última Que Morre

2015 | 78 min | Brazil


Hortência is a young reporter who wants to become the new anchor of her local TV channel. Determined to fulfill her destiny, she creates a fake serial killer to grant her exclusive coverage of the crimes and give her the publicity she needs to win the the race for the anchor’s seat.



Director: Calvito Leal

Cast: Dani Calabresa, Katiuscia Canoro, Danton Mello, Rodrigo Sant’anna, Adriana Garambone, Mary Sheila, Cora Zobaran, Augusto Madeira, Thelmo Fernandes, Marvio Lucio

Producer: Isabel Graça, Diego Paiva, Luciana Boal Marinho, Alberto Graça

Director of Photography: Gustavo Hadba, Miqueias Lino

Soundtrack: Plinio Profeta


Monday, September 19th @ 10:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

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cartas-de-amor-sao-ridiculas Love Letters are Ridiculous | Cartas de Amor são Ridículas

Love Letters are Ridiculous | Cartas de Amor são Ridículas

2014 | 100 min | Brazil


Love Letters Are Ridiculous is the title of a poem by the great Portuguese Writer Fernando Pessoa.
This and other poems by the Author sew the film, which tells the story of a father of five daughters, named with flower names: Lily, Dahlia, Gardenia, Hortense (hydrangea) and Violet. He used to call them as his garden of flowers, and like in any garden, perfume and thorns. And being at that time, “marriage”, the only probable destiny of a woman in that place, this fate becomes a great battle for him and his daughters, a crazy, funny and mistaken search.



Director: Alvarina Souza Silva

Cast: Roberto Bomfim, Marcela Moura, Belatrix, Carolina Oliveira, Sandra Barsotti, Tiago Benetti, Alejandro Claveaux

Producer: Alvarina Souza Silva

Director of Photography: Rodrigo Alayete

Soundtrack: Ismael Cordeiro, Damião Lopes


Monday, September 19th @ 3:00pm | Los Angeles Film School