Brazilian Feature Film Competition

orfaos-do-el-dorado Orphans of Eldorado | Órfãos do Eldorado

Orphans of Eldorado | Órfãos do Eldorado

2015 | 96 min | Brazil


Inspired by a novel by Milton Hatoum and entirely shot in the rivers and forest of the Amazon, ORPHANS OF ELDORADO is a tale of love, obsession and madness.  After twelve years away from his hometown from where he was expelled by his father, Arminto Cordovil returns to Vila Bela just in time to witness the sudden death of the man who always rejected him. After a romantic relationship with the fathers’ s wife, he falls in love with a spellbinding woman and in the pursuit of this irresistible love, Arminto loses both his family inheritance and his sanity. On the path from passion to ruin, Arminto plunges deeper and deeper into the mythical world of the Amazon, turning his own life into fable and tragedy.


Director: Guilherme Coelho

Cast: Daniel de Oliveira, Dira Paes, Mariana Rios, Adriano Barroso

Producer: Daniel Dreifuss, Mariana Ferraz, Mauricio Andrade Ramos and Eliane Ferreira

Director of Photography: Adrian Teijido

Soundtrack: Jeff Rona, Lucas Marcier

Saturday, September 17th @ 9:30pm | Los Angeles Film School

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14285055_1221721957890465_1485903341_o Chromosome 21 | Cromossomo 21

Chromosome 21 | Cromossomo 21

2016 | 95 min | Brazil


Vitória is a girl like everybody else. She is studying in college, play piano and swimming. The only difference she has one more chromosome, she was born with down syndrome. It was in her destiny to meet the “dreamer” Afonso, a young boy without down syndrome. This relationship will arouse her independence and her sexuality and make the society wonder about this unusual couple.




Director: Alex Duarte

Cast: Adriele Pelentir, Luís Fernando Irgang, Marisol Ribeiro, Deborah Finocchiaro, Susy Ayres, Patrícia Marques, Nêmora Cavalheiro, Fernanda Ávila, Fernando Barbosa, Saulo Meneghetti, Tatiana Monteiro, Lusa Fagundes, Fernanda Honorato

Producer: Cleni Pires and Pâmela Moraes

Director of Photography: Helder Martins and Tyrel Spencer

Soundtrack: André Trento


Sunday, September 18th @ 7:15pm | Los Angeles Film School

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travessia Crossing | Travessia

Crossing | Travessia

2015 | 90 min | Brazil


Disagreements led Roberto (Chico Diaz) to live away from Julio (Caio Castro), his only child. Both seek new ways of life powered by their own desires. Parties, drugs and an unusual accident leave the love between them hanging by a thread.


Director: João Gabriel

Cast: Diaz, Caio Castro, Camilla Camargo, Caco Monteiro, Cyria Coentro

Producer: João Gabriel

Director of Photography: Pedro Sotero

Soundtrack: Felipe Massume


Sunday, September 18th @ 3:30pm | Los Angeles Film School

Jonas Jonah | Jonas

Jonah | Jonas

2015 | 97 min | Brazil


Jonah has an aimless life and a childhood love for Branca. At carnival an unwanted incident leads him to kidnap and hide her inside the whale, the parade’s main float. Throughout the week an intense and delusional love story unfolds while things get tough for Jonah who is not a criminal but has to face the kidnap consequences.



Director: Lô Politi

Cast: Jesuíta Barbosa, Laura Neiva, Criolo, Ariclenes Barroso, Chay Suede, Ana Cecília Costa

Producer: Murray Lipnik

Director of Photography: Alexandre Ermel

Soundtrack: Zezinho Mutarelli


Monday, September 19th @ 6:30pm | Los Angeles Film School

deserto Desert | Deserto

Desert | Deserto

2016 | 100 min | Brazil


An group of circus artists travel the backwoods Brazilian early last century. When they find an abandoned city with a fountain gushing clean water, the group decides to leave the wandering life and sculpt what they consider a normal life. To build a new city, the artists write in papers functions they consider fundamental. Their characters in this new journey showing the fragility of moral values, time, old age, loneliness and exile.



Director: Guilherme Weber

Cast: Lima Duarte, Cida Moreira, Everaldo Pontes, Magali Biff, Fernando Teixeira, Pietra Pan, Marcio Rosario, Claudinho Castro

Producer: Vania Catani

Director of Photography: Rui Poças

Soundtrack: Luiz A. Ferreira, Rodrigo de Barros Homem Del Rei



Tuesday, September 20th @ 6:00pm | Los Angeles Film School

_36J7316 Stronger Than The World | Aldo

Stronger Than The World | Mais Forte Que O Mundo – A História do José Aldo

2016 | 120 min | Brazil


This film adresses Jose Aldo´s trajectory of overcoming odds. One of Brazil´s most famous Brazilian MMA fighters, the UFC Champion grew up on the outskirts of Manaus and faced many difficult choices before entering the ring.



Director: Afonso Poyart

Cast: José Loreto, Cleo Pires, Milhem Cortaz; Jackson Antunes,Claudia Ohana, Romulo Neto, Paloma Bernardi, Thaila Ayala, Rafinha Bastos, Felipe Titto, Paulo Zulu

Producer: Afonso Poyart, Marcio Fraccaroli, Sandi Adamiu, Diane Maia

Director of Photography: Carlos Zalasik

Soundtrack: BT, Samuel Ferrari e Felipe Junqueira, Milton Mine


Friday, September 16th @ 6:30pm | Harmony Gold Theater