Captura de pantalla 2017-10-12 a las 10.37.22 SELF


2017 | 13 min | Brazil


SELF is a short film entirely recorded in a smartphone. It is an experimental research by the writer and director Duda de Almeida and the actress Bia Borinn. About the story: A Brazilian actress goes to NYC to pursue her dreams while waiting for her boyfriend that stayed in Brazil. They only speak trough video messages.


Director: Duda de Almeida

Cast: Bia Borinn, Camila Dougall

Producer: Bia Borinn and Duda de Almeida

Director of Photography: Duda de Almeida

Soundtrack: Erich Eichner

Monday, November 6th | 3:10pm @ Regent Theater

Watch the trailer