Carolina Repetto e Jayme Periard Filme On Guard On Guard

On Guard | Estado de Alerta

2017 | 14 min | Brazil


Rio, Brazil, as known as ‘’The Big and Wonderful City’’. ‘’On Guard – Estado de Alerta’’ is 14 minutes long.
With scenes shot in the year 2000, inspired by a crime that happened 20 years before, with a final sequence – with the very same actors – filmed 17 years later (2017). Today. Now. Total: 37 years of history. History that is born terrified, dived into more violence. Violence that seems infinite.
Our history captures blatantly what exists of reality and of illusion in the violence of this city. We start with the observation of the state of panic – state that borders neurosis, the panic syndrome itself – that settles in the media and the inhabitants, to reach our protagonist, an artist with sensitivity on edge.
Emanuel Trindade, a plastic artist who’s in love with women and the sea, suffers successive shocks, detonated by the violence that surrounds him. Violence that takes hold of him to the point of leading the artist to commit a crime.


Director: Andre Mattos

Cast: Jayme Periard, Dira Paes, Carolina Repetto

Producer: Andre Mattos

Director of Photography: Luis Carlos Saldanha

Soundtrack: Ary Sperling

Tuesday, November 7th | 9:15pm @ Regent Theater

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